Summer Nails x Tat2 Rings

Summer is the perfect time to break out of your comfort zone and try some new nail polishes! Strappy Sandals & tanned hands provide the perfect backdrop to showcase some fun new colors! We’ve paired a handful of awesome nail polishes with Tat2 Rings because lets face can’t have a new nail color without sporting some fabulous jewelry as well!

(click on the jewelry for more details!)

 R039-VS-VG-MC_1024x1024 R036-GLD-VS-MC_1024x1024


elle-08-nail-polish-sky-blue-xln elle-02-nail-polish-coral-xln-1elle-03-nail-polish-glitter-xlnelle-10-nail-polish-sunny-side-up-xlnelle-01-nail-polish-ballet-beautiul-xln  elle-05-nail-polish-ocean-xln

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