How We Stack!

Here at Tat2 when it comes to jewelry and layering, we are totally into the more is more frame of mind! Who can blame us when there’s always fabulous pieces around? You can never choose just one..I mean you can, but where’s the fun in that? Today we’re putting together some of our favorite must have ring stacks for your jewelry box. Check them out below!


We adore these two rings paired together! Our Vintage Silver Burgos Ring on the left is so easy to wear, and when you stack it with our Vintage Silver Cantabria Coin Ring (right) it makes a killer statement! rings_2

Who says stacking only can happen on one finger? We love our statement making Gold Murcia Floater Asymmetrical Hammered Ring on the left, paired with our totally timeless Gold Burgos Band (right) Its the perfect way to rock a lot of gold with just a couple must have pieces!!


If all else fails, you can never, ever go wrong with our classic Multi Colored Pavia Set of 3 Stackable Rings.. Stackable is in the name!

So there you go, 3 super easy ways to stack your fave Tat2 rings.. Shop them all here!

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