Affiliates - Payments and Earning

Below is a list of FAQs regarding our Affiliate Program Payment and Earnings:

1. How will I know that orders came through my blog or website?
The affiliate links that you generate, via ShareASale, track you as having referred the customer and ShareASale also places a 60-day cookie on each visitor’s computer, so if a visitor you refer to us doesn’t purchase immediately, but then returns within 60 days, you will still receive the commission for any products they purchase.

2. How much money will I earn through your affiliate program?
Our standard commission rate is 30% of the purchase price of our jewelry, which ranges from $60 to $365, but we also offer incentives and special promotions for our affiliates that can boost your commissions considerably.

3. Can I refer others to your Affiliate program and be paid for it?
Yes, one of the great features of the ShareASale network is their Two-Tier Commission capability. If you refer others through the links provided with the ShareASale affiliate program, you can earn $1 per signup as an Affiliate and 5% of their future earnings.

4. How do I know how much commission I have earned?
You can login to the ShareASale dashboard at any time for access to real-time reporting, which provides up-to-the-minute information about the commissions you’ve earned.

5. When will I receive my Affiliate commissions?
All affiliate payments are processed by ShareASale and payments sent directly to you by the 20th of each month for the previous month’s sales, via the payment method you opt for in your ShareASale account.

6. Can I earn commissions on my own purchases?
You will not receive credit when purchasing jewelry through your own affiliate link. You may receive an automatic notification from ShareASale to let you know that a sale has taken place, but your affiliate payments will not include this amount.

7. Additional FAQs
Visit ShareASale for additional FAQ’s.

Size Guide
Use the charts below when referencing different lengths & sizes.
Don't hesitate to reach out regarding the length of a necklace or bracelet you may be interested in purchasing. 
We are always happy to accommodate special requests.
Please email us at


(Measurements are shown in inches)



 (Measuring your finger)
A marker
Cut an even strip of paper.
On the finger you wish to measure, wrap the slice of paper around the base of the finger, just below the knuckle. 
Ensure that the paper is wrapped tightly around your finger for a secure fit.
Mark the spot where it meets.
Measure the distance with a ruler (in mm); that’s your fingers circumference.


Double check your knuckle measurement as some people need to size up to fit rings over knuckles.
Throughout the day, our fingers tend to swell. Your best bet is to measure your fingers at the end of the day for the most accurate fit.
Be sure that your hands aren’t too cold. When we’re cold, our fingers shrink in size. Measure when the temperature is just right. 


To measure your wrist size, you can use a flexible measuring tape or a piece of string.
Tape measure
This is the most accurate method. With your palm facing up and fingers spread, place the end of the tape measure in the middle of your wrist and wrap it around snugly. Measure in inches or centimeters. For bracelets, you can add half an inch to your measurement to determine the right size.
String and ruler
Wrap a piece of string around your wrist where you'd normally wear a watch, not too tightly. Mark or hold the string where it meets the starting point, then lay it flat on a ruler and measure the length. You can also use other materials like yarn, dental floss, ribbon, or shoelace.